Cosmo Sales “Your Partner in Progress…”

CosmoSales LLC is a sales, marketing and service oriented company that represents COSMOS Engitech Pvt. Ltd.

COSMOS ENGITECH is a customer driven ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing solution provider with core capabilities in design & manufacturing of Precision Machined Components & Assemblies.

    Industry SegmentApplication/ AssemblyParts/ Components (Class A – High Precision)Parts/ Components (Class B or Class C – Medlum-Course Precision)Materials UsedCustomers
    Flow Control and Valve IndustryPlants, LNG/Gas Transportation, Check Valves, Water Treatmentvalve BodiesBan Valves, Butter Fly Valves, Ball Valve Bodies, Butter FlyValve Internals, Ban Shafts,
    BaD stems, Gate valve bodies,
    Pneumatic valves, nozzles,
    Aluminum, steel, copper, brass,
    Mone!, 17-4PH, Ductile Iron
    castings Stainless steel, SS
    Pentair, Tyco/ ITT
    Machine Tool Ind /Textite Ind/
    Plastic Extrusion
    Machining Centres, Surface Grinders, Rotary Grinders,
    Creep feed Grinders, CNC
    RotaryTables, Tool Index
    Turrets – Hydraulic Servo
    J Electromechanical, Plastic
    extrusion,Textile Draw Frames
    Saddle assembly, Spindle
    assembly, Cams, Index rofter
    body, Winder Cam, Drum Cam,
    Roller Cam
    Base, Column Assly,Bearing
    supports, Pllet Changer
    Graded CI castings, Alloy Steel,
    Stainless steel, Brass, Nitriding
    steels, Hardening steels
    Cosmos MID, Kabra Extrusion, Zinser Oerlikon
    Industrial AutomationFood Industry Instrumentation, Liquid Filling lines, Labelling MachinesGasket Rings, Valve comp, Labelling DrumsCovers, Levers, LinksStainless Steel, Aluminium, 17 ‘1PH, steel, BrassSiemens Industrial Automation, KHS Machinery
    MetrologyTool PresettersHub & Base, Probe Head bodyConduits foi CMMCast AluminumRenlshaw
    Energy and PowerBushings, Active Core
    Components, Transfurmers,
    Disconnect.or Drive, Tap
    Changer Assl, /Turbocharger
    Assly, HighVoltage Assly,
    Cu Bolts with Lamelle & Silverplating, Gas Inlet, Heat Shield, Vacuum Cam Interrupter, Guide Tube, Geneva GearsFlanges, Pressure Rings, Connector Bolts, Nuts, Short Circuit plates, Rings,Housing, HolderAluminium, ETP copper (high
    conductivity), SiMo Castings, DI
    castings, Brass, Stainless Steel
    ABB, Siemens
    AviationEvacuation Door Assly, Seat AsslyPartsDisconnect sleeveHousing Retainer, Mounting plateExtruded Aluminium grades-
    Zodiac AeroSpace
    Medical EquipmentCT Scan , X-Ray MachineMachined componentsAISI 316, AISI 30’1, Aluminium,
    Siemens Health Care
    Medical ImplantsOrthopaedic ImplantsScrews for SpinePlates, screws, nails,
    instruments for Surgery
    Titanium / AISI 316VLUniversal
    Oil and GasOil Rig Accessories and Pipe ConnectorsJ ConnectorsEnd Connectors Valve Parts/ ManifoldAlloy steels, Stainless SteelWeatherford /Cameroon
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